Erasing Memory: The Miseducation of a Cardinal

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Saving Vodou from Cardinal Langlois and Internalized Afrophobia

By Manbo Asogwe Dòwòti Désir

The drums of Vodou are used to call down the spirits, connecting congregants with the sacred vibrational energies of the universe. Photo: D. Désir












Roshmee Roshan Lall’s recent article in the Guardian, Voodoo Won’t Save Haiti, Says Cardinal, is so problematic on so many levels the temptation to ignore it is only outweighed by the number of people who have called it to my attention. They expect me to respond and so I shall. Lall’s expertise in international affairs is in business and economics so why the journalist is writing about religion even from a development perspective is my first question? Before I continue, it is imperative that one glaring observation be made: She misspells Vodou or has not made it clear to the Guardian’s editors…

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One thought on “Erasing Memory: The Miseducation of a Cardinal

  1. This article brings forth the feelings of shame and not feeling good enough. I feel for those who have to hide beliefs. I spent many years denying the beliefs I grew up with. i understand people living in an almost schizophrenic personality disorder. Ceremony on Saturday, church on Sunday.

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